At Charter Auctions, we understand the dynamic needs of businesses in the manufacturing sector. As companies evolve, so do their equipment requirements. Selling surplus machinery can free up valuable resources, allowing businesses to invest in cutting-edge technology. In this case study, we explore how our sellers have utilised Charter Auctions to sell their machinery and reinvest in new equipment, illustrating the numerous benefits of auctioning surplus assets.

The Benefits of Selling With Us

Selling machinery at through Charter Auctions offers several key advantages:

  1. Maximising Returns
  2. Speed and Efficiency
  3. Broad Market Reach
  4. Transparent Process
  5. Professional Handling

One of Many Success Stories:

Thyssenkrupp, a global leader in industrial engineering and steel production, needed to upgrade their machinery to maintain their competitive edge. They had three Mazak HMC 10800-II machines that were no longer optimal for their production needs.

Thyssenkrupp chose Charter Auctions' Private Treaty Sales service to handle the sale of their surplus machinery. Our team conducted a thorough appraisal and put together a marketing campaign and identified potential buyers who would be interested in the Mazak HMC 10800-II machines.


  1. Successful Sale: The Private Treaty Sales process attracted several interested buyers, leading to strategic negotiations. Thyssenkrupp was able to achieve favourable terms and a high return on their machinery.
  2. Confidential and Efficient: The sale was conducted confidentially and efficiently, ensuring that Thyssenkrupp’s business operations were not disrupted. The process was completed within a timeline that suited Thyssenkrupp’s needs.
  3. Reinvestment: With the funds raised from the sale, Thyssenkrupp invested in new equipment that enhanced their production capabilities.


Selling surplus machinery through Charter Auctions' Private Treaty Sales service offers businesses a strategic advantage, enabling them to unlock the value of their assets quickly and confidentially. The funds generated from these sales can be reinvested into new, advanced equipment, driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. As demonstrated by Thyssenkrupp, the Private Treaty Sales process is a powerful tool for facilitating business reinvestment and operational optimisation.

For businesses looking to capitalise on their surplus assets, Charter Auctions provides a trusted and effective solution, ensuring maximum returns and a seamless selling experience.

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