Check out our wanted machinery, tooling and manufacturing plant list - If you have any of the machines below you are looking to sell, or any other items of surplus equipment please get in touch.

Wanted list:

Bridgeport EZ Path Lathe

Brushless 4th axis for a Haas V3 VMC

CNC Plasma Cutter

Approx size 3m x 1.5m

Haas VF 6 - Any year

CNC Lathes (any model considered)

Swarf bailer

Harrison M250 or M300 Lathe

Colchester CNC Lathe

14 Bar Compressor

Lightweight Racking

Trumpf Trubend or a similar press

240v Welder

Parts Washer

CNC lathe with Y Axis

5 Axis VMC

2004 onwards

Large Dust Extraction System

Ideally 17,000 cfm

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