[2015] Demag Systec 60/420 - 310 Plastic Injection Moulder + Peripherals

Opportunity to purchase a 2015 Demag Systec 60/420 - 310 Plastic Injection Moulder with a MoldTec hopper, THD drier & Apex picker arm


This machine is complete with a hopper system, drier, robot picker arm and temperature regulator. This machine is in excellent condition and is available to purchase immediately, viewing by appointment only.

Model: Demag Systec 60/420 - 310
Year: 2015
Condition: Excellent
Availability: Immediate
Serial No. : 7343-0111
Dimensions: 4140mm L x 1500mm W x 2100mm H (with robot and hopper unit removed)
Location: Stourbridge, UK

Includes Demag Documentation and Manuals.

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Full Specifications

Technical Data:

Oil tank capacity: 180ltr
Pump: 15kW
Heating capacity of screw cylinder: 9,4 kW
Capacity: 24
Capacity with ActiveDrive: 29kW
Dry cycle time (Euromap 6): 2,0-294s-mm
Dry cycle time (Euro 6) activeDrive: 2,0-294s-mm

Clamping Unit:

Clamping/Locking Force: 600/600kN
Max. mould opening stroke: 450 mm
Mould height Min./WA211: 150 1)/250/300/350 mm
Daylight between platens max./enl. : 600 1)/700/750/800
Mould platen (h x v): 600x600 mm
Distance between tie bars (h x v): 420x420 mm
Min. permissible mould diameter (k): 215 mm
Max mould weight / mov. platen: 780/500 
Ejection stroke std./enlarged: 150mm
Ejection / Retraction force: 41/15 kN 

Injection Unit:

Screw diameter: 35mm
Screw geometry: Standard
L/D Ratio: 20
Spec. injection pressure (up to 400°C): 2024 bar
Cylinder head volume, max.: 168cm^3 
Max. shot weight (PS, PE*): 149g

Max. rate of injection:
Without accumulator: 119cm^3/s
Without accumulator ActiveDrive: 162cm^3/s

Plasticising rate (PS):
Motor 1 (120 bar) 2): 26 g/s
Motor 2 (120 bar) 2): 21 g/s
Motor 1 (120 bar) activeDrive: 30 g/s
Motor 2 (120 bar) activeDrive: 24 g/s
Max. screw stroke: 175mm
Max. dist. nozz. retract./auto mode: 250mm
Max. nozzle dipping depth (WA650): 40mm
Nozzle sealing force: 60kN
Number of heating zones: 4

Hopper Motor Specs:

Model: SAL-330-CE1150W
Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 60
Serial No.: 2AL00000193

Regloplas Temperature Control Unit:

Type: 90smart/9/1P20/1K/Ri60
Year: 2008
No. 101800010166
T: 90 Degrees C
Vol: 6.5 ltr
3 Phase

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